Project number: 2016-1PL01-KA204-026628

Final Report, 2017

Cajoma Consulting has been the Swedish project partner in a European project on new forms of training for people 65+. The project Fingerprints Learning was initiated by Foundation Gaudete in Katowice, Poland and has been financed by the EU programme Erasmus+. Participating countries were: Poland (Fundacja Gaudete), Sweden (Cajoma Consulting), Spain (Associacio Cultural Catalano Polonesa) and Portugal (IPR Institute). The project enabled the exploration of the topic Fingerprints Learning as the adjustment of education to the individual needs of the elderly. The justification of the project is the need to take into account differences in the non-professional adult education. A first project  meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain in mid-November 2016 and a second meeting was held in Lisboa, Portugal in March-April 2017. A Short Training Course was organized in Uppsala, Sweden 2-6 May 2017. A final meeting was held in Katowice, Poland in the beginning of September, 2017.  Final reports and other documentation from the project are presented below.

Lisboa meeting,  31 March-1 April, 2017.
Uppsala/Stockholm Short Training Course 2-6 May, 2017.

Below follows final documentation of the  Fingerprints Learning project: an article about the project published in a magazine, the final report from Cajoma Consulting and four so-called Modules from each country organization which participated in the project:

European Newsletter on Educational Policy Innovation No. 1 September 2017-PDF
Final Report Fingerprints-Cajoma Sep 2017 pdf


Modules about innovative solutions and good examples on educational activities for seniors by each participating organization in the project:
Module 1 Fingerprints – Poland
Module 2 Fingerprints – Spain
Module 3 Fingerprints – Sweden
Module 4 Fingerprints – Portugal

Internet resources/references about the Fingerprints learning project:
Erasmus+                           http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/eplus-project-details-page/?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/a13bda1d-6c2d-4f27-ad44-7eebb7198473
Foundation Gaudete:    http://www.gaudete.katowice.opoka.org.pl/index.php/en/projects/69-tailored-offers-for-adults-fingerprints-learning-2

Earlier reports from the project
Uppsala – an age-friendly city. Report. Magnus Andersson, Cajoma Consulting, June 2017.
Fingerprints Learning – Project presentationUppsala – an age-friendly city. Report. Magnus Andersson, Cajoma Consulting, June 2017.
Minutes from Fingerprint project’s study visit to Uppsala 2-6 May 2017
Fingerprints Learning. Questionnaire. Results Sweden. March 2017