Cajoma Consulting provides services within the following areas: sustainable development, road safety strategies and education.

Training and workshops for families, parents and adults
Cajoma Consulting offers training and workshops for families, parents and adults. Cajoma Consulting leads activities for adults’ education in the area of healthy lifestyle. During 2013 and 2014 Cajoma Consulting organized workshops and lectures about healthy food, the work environment in public schools and road safety issues. Cajoma Consulting also promoted co-operation between parental organizations and public schools and organized lectures about bicycle traffic for seniors.

Fingerprints Learning
Cajoma Consulting is the Swedish project partner in a European project on new forms of training for people 65+. The project Fingerprints Learning was initiated by Foundation Gaudete in Katowice, Poland and is financed by the EU programme Erasmus+. Participating countries are: Poland (Fundacja Gaudete), Sweden (Cajoma Consulting), Spain (Associacio Cultural Catalano Polonesa) and Portugal (IPR Institute).

The project enables the exploration of the topic Fingerprints Learning as the adjustment of education to the individual needs of the elderly. The justification of the project is the need to take into account differences in the non-professional adult education.

A first project meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain in mid November 2016.

Kick-off meeting in Barcelona, November 2016. Participants in the Fingerprints Learning project.

Fingerprints Learning Project presentation.pdf