During the period 2015-2019, 105 cyclists died in Sweden. Of these, 61 cyclists were over 65, which corresponds to 58 per cent of all cyclists killed. The project ”Older cyclists views on their own possibilities to improve their safety” was conducted in 2021 by road safety consultant Magnus Andersson, Cajoma Consulting, Sweden. The project was based on a literature review and 17 interviews with cyclists between 65 and 83 years of age. The project focused on three areas: bicycle helmet use, bicycle status and risk situations in the traffic.
The study contains 22 recommendations directed to older cyclists. Among these are the following: To always use a bicycle helmet, even at shorter distances. To always abstain from alcoholin connection with cycling.  Not to blindly trust the priority to the right rule at intersections. To try to lead the bike at passages that are perceived to be unsafe. To lower the saddle height so that the cyclist can always have ground contact with the feet when sitting on the saddle.

Read the full report here:
Older cyclists views – Magnus Andersson 2021

REPORT: Older cyclists’ views on their possibilities to improve their safety